The Mortgage Process

If you’re like most people, you probably consider the home loan process to be a daunting task – where do you get started? How can you find a mortgage company that you like? How do you know how much you can afford?

Relax…We’ve detailed the loan process below to give you a better understanding of what to expect. Rest assured, it’s not nearly as stressful as you may have imagined. Plus, we’re here to help you every step of the way!


  • Contact us online or by calling 877-576-2300
    We’ll respond to your inquiry in a timely manner and provide all of the necessary details you will need during the financing process.
  • Select a mortgage lending option
    We’ll provide you with best options to fit your financial needs. Ultimately you have the decision-making opportunity to ensure you choose the loan that’s best for YOU.
  • Fax or mail necessary documents for loan processing 
    Once you are comfortable with your loan option, you will need to complete the necessary paper to get the lending process started. We can discuss any concerns or questions that arise as you review and complete these documents.
  • Have an appraisal performed on your home by a licensed Appraiser 
    Home appraisals are necessary for most residential loan transactions and must be completed by a licensed Appraiser.  Don’t worry – you won’t have to find one on your own. We can recommend some of the best in the industry and in your area!
  • Receive approval and proceed to closing 
    The lending company will review all of the previous documentation, request additional information, if necessary, and ultimately provide approval to “close” your loan.  We’ll handle all aspects of this step for you!  
  • Close in the convenience of your home or office 
    Once you are ‘clear to close’, we will arrange the settlement date, time, and location.  We offer the convenience of closing in your home or office.
  • Receive funding 
    Once your loan has closed, you will receive the appropriate funding paperwork and any necessary checks Ii.e. if you are paying off any debt during the refinance process).  If you have any questions about the checks or funds you receive, you can always work with us and the title company involved in your transaction.